Sentient Sketchbook

I am Antonios Liapis, and I am currently a lecturer with the Institute of Digital Games at the University of Malta. My extended CV, research interests and publications can be found here. I created Sentient Sketchbook as part of my PhD dissertation "Searching for Sentient Design Tools for Game Development", which was concluded in September 2014. My primary research interest is mixed-initiative computer aided design (CAD) of game content: using computational intelligence techniques, CAD tools should both support users in their design process but also contribute with novel ideas. Sentient Sketchbook represents the most elaborate prototype for such an interaction between a computational and a human designer. Beyond mixed-initiative design, my academic interests include fully-automated procedural content generation, digital aesthetics, computational creativity and evolutionary computation.

If you have any questions or requests regarding Sentient Sketchbook or the research behind it, feel free to contact me at